What is Config APK on Phones? Benefits & How to Disable it

Have you ever noticed a pre-installed file on your Android smartphone with the name Config APK? If yes then you may already have a lot of questions about it. Whether it’s malware, spyware, or virus because you haven’t installed it it’s right there when you get in your system apps. In this article, we are going to cover all about Config APK, what is Config APK, how it got into your phones, and what are the benefits of having Config APK on your smartphone.

One thing that you surely need to hear is, that it’s safe to have Config APK in your smartphone. It’s a system app and it’s fine to have this installed in your system apps. Let’s take a closer look and learn more about what is Config APK and why we need this. Check out the below guide:

What is Config APK on Phones?

What is Config APK

Config APK is a pre-installed application that comes in most of all android smartphones. You will not be able to see any icon of this app in your app’s drawer but if you go through your system apps in the settings, you will be able to see the configAPK in the list of system apps.

It’s designed for Android users to let them install and use third-party apps without configuring resources every time. This sole application allows your system and package installers to let you install any third-party app on your device.

If your device has configAPK you can simply install apps outside the Play Store without any issues. The size of this pre-installed app is only 16KB and it doesn’t require any additional storage from your device to work properly. No matter how much internal storage or RAM you have in your device, the Config APK will work flawlessly without any issues.

Benefits of Config APK

Benefits of ConfigAPK

There are a lot of great advantages of Config APK that you don’t really know yet, but here are some of the headlines that you should know:

Install Third-Party Apps

With the help of Config APK on Phones, you can simply install any third-party APK on your device with ease. You don’t have to always go through the Play Store or some popular stores to get the app packages. Config APK will help you install any APK on your smartphone with its Android package installer.

Privacy & Security

The app icon isn’t visible in the app’s drawer so it’s safe. You can still check the updates or background working process of Config APK by visiting your mobile settings. It’s available in the list of system-installed apps, there you can find the name and options for the Config APK. It’s safe and can’t be deleted by anyone even if they try to do so.

Block Unwanted Installations

It will force stop the installation of unknown apps or cookies on your smartphone. You must have to grant permission every time there’s a new installation on your phone. Without your permission, Config APK will not allow the system to download or open any app. You can only install the apps when you grant the requested permission and confirm your actions for the quick install.

Alarm You About Malware

The app will scan all the packages that you’re trying to install on your device. If any APK package that you’re trying to install on your device has malware, Config APK will warn you about it. If the app needs some special permissions or access to your smartphone to let it work, you will get all the alerts before the installation to keep yourself safe from the upcoming danger.

Is Config APK a Spyware?

No, ConfigAPK is not a spyware. It is a system app that is pre-installed on your device from the day it starts working on the Android operating system. This app is designed by the developers to let Android users install apps even outside the Play Store. So, if you try to install an APK from a third-party source, ConfigAPK is there to help you.

It’s a package installer that makes you job easier to install the apps on your device without struggling much. You don’t have to follow any long procedures if you have configAPK on your smartphone. It’s a small app but can help you to install larger games within seconds.

How to Delete Config APK?

How to Delete Config APK

You can delete Config APK from your mobile by using the Android Debug Bridge tool. It’s easy to delete or remove system apps from your device if you’re using a rooted device. But if you’re using a normal smartphone and don’t have much knowledge about technical terms then you should try disabling the app temporarily. It’s easy to force-stop or disable the app for a period so it won’t interfere with your system background.

But, we suggest you not disable or delete configAPK from Android because it’s an essential tool that you will surely need to install external apps on your device. To keep the third-party apps running on your device smoothly, you must have to keep config APK in your smartphone.


So, in the end, we hope you guys have learned everything about What is Config APK on Phones, how it works, and what are the benefits of Config APK. If you guys know any other benefits of this file then let us know about it. You can share your knowledge through the comments box, we will go through it and if it fits in the article, we will update the post and feature your facts in our next update. That’s all for now, keep visiting our website to know more technical information.

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