Optimizing APK Size: Best Tips & Tricks

If you’re a new app developer then the question about Optimizing APK Size surely pops into your head. When you design an app the files and resources are in multiple numbers, it all together consumes a lot of space and nobody loves to spend their data on downloading such huge APKs if it isn’t famous. So, how do you reduce the size of your app without losing any important files?

We are going to share the best tips about Optimizing APK Size, images, and resources. Follow our article and find the trusted tactics that you can use to reduce the size of your application up to 75% of its actual size. Let’s check out the important points to take care of while creating an application:

Optimizing APK Size: Best Tips

Optimizing APK Size

Here are going to share the 6 best tips for Optimizing APK Size. Even if you’re new to coding and don’t know much about the development part, you can still figure out all these points without any doubt. Let’s get started and cover all the facts one by one:

Optimize Images

One of the easiest ways to reduce your APK size is to optimize images. Most of each icon and background is filled with tons of images that can cause a massive growth in the size of APK Files. If you use compressed images and reduce the size of all pictures without losing the quality, you can surely see the difference. It’s easier if you use any image compression tools to maintain the quality and reduce the size of images and icon packs. Avoid adding videos or any sort of clips into the resources of your application because it’s going to cost you a lot of size in the database.

Use Universal Fonts

If you use universal fonts that are easy to find and download then you can save a lot of size. Even the text files you write in the app data consume a lot of space and to avoid such unnecessary space consumption you can use universal fonts. Find the fonts that seem comfortable for the readers and downloadable by nature. These fonts are low in size and provide an excellent experience to the readers. Most of the magazine and newspaper fonts are downloadable and you can use them for free without spending any extra dime from your pockets.

Scan with Lint

Lint is an online tool that helps developers to scan their applications and find duplicate codes. If the same code is repeated within the same file, you can remove it and save a lot of space. Lint will outline the codes that are repeated and with a single click, you can remove those codes. It’s a free tool but you can go with the premium membership to explore some additional benefits. You can compress other files within the tool and it will explain each file in detail.

Use Proguard Shrinkers

It’s one of the best tools that you can use to reduce up to 90% of the file size without losing any data. It can reduce the size of all the files at once without letting you take any manual actions. If you’re quite a developer then you only have to add some codes in the tool and it will work accordingly. You don’t have to be a professional to use this Proguard tool. Find the videos on YouTube to learn about the benefits and working process of this tool. You can specifically select the files that you want to reduce in size and the tool will start working on it and provide the exact results.

Remove Unused Codes

If your application has some unused codes that aren’t necessary at all, you can get rid of them to clear some space. Most of the codes are derived in multiple files and consume a lot of space for the application. If you can find and remove the unused codes, you can enhance the working speed of your app. You can also remove the files from application bundles by selecting the unnecessary files and vanishing them from the storage area. You should avoid adding any extra classes or codes to your application to let it work smoothly after the installation.

Make Multiple APKs

Optimizing Android App Size

You can have multiple APKs for a single app. Divide the resources and keep one APK as the base and the other APK for the resources. This will help you to reduce the size of the main APK and let you have a lightweight APK File that you can share or upload anywhere. This is the genuine way to reduce the size of your application without having to let go of any important files from the database. Many online tools can help you perform these actions, and you can seek help from the online videos on YouTube to learn about the complete process in steps.

Android App Bundles

If you’re designing a game then most of the professionals suggest having app bundles. As we know, the game consists of too many elements and classes and the size of games is way higher than normal apps. If you create app bundles you can do the data separation from one another but keep them linked. For example, you will get an APK File to install the game and an additional folder of OBB files where your game data will be stored. The OBB file will be downloaded after the installation of the original APK file. You can have the game APK size of 10-20 MB and the OBB folder with the size of multiple GB.


In the end, we hope you have gathered enough information about Optimizing APK Size. We have shared the best tips on optimizing the APK size, pictures, files, and fonts of the APK File without losing any data. If you know any other steps that you would like to share with the community then use the below comments. Drop your thoughts and ideas in the comments to let everybody know about some alternatives.

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