How to Easily Install Android APKs on Chromebook

If you own a Chromebook then you know the hustler that you can’t directly install APKs on your chromeOS device. You must have to take some manual actions before installing third-party APKs on your Chromebook. A few methods on the internet are easy but they will exploit the warranty of your device. In this article, we are going to share some easy methods and let you know how to install APK on a Chromebook without losing the warranty.

We have gathered some easy ways that you can try, even if you’re not a tech enthusiast, you can still follow our steps and easily perform all the actions. But, before you begin the article and start following the steps, let’s get some facts about Chromebook and its capabilities.

Check Chromebook Compatibility

How to Install APK on Chromebook

Chromebook has an amazing environment and an operating system for the users to install and use apps on multiple platforms. Chromebook is an official product linked by Google, and most of the apps and software you find on the system are synchronized with Google. It is designed to make your job easier to get your hands on all the tools and utility software in one place without getting interrupted by any other additional services.

Public who needs a professional setup for their job or business purposes, most likely use the Chromebook because of its easy working environment and utility features. But, a few of us need to install APKs on our PCs because we need to test the Apps or for any other reason. Before you start downloading and installing apps on ChromeOS, you must have to learn about the system capabilities and type of formats that are supported on Chromebook.

  • Open your Chromebook and log in with your password.
  • Find and click on the Quick Settings options from the panel.
  • Scroll the Menu and find the Settings option, click on it.
  • Search for the Apps option, and open it to find the Google Play Store.
  • If the Google Play Store is available there, you can install the Apps directly on your Chromebook.

Tips: If the Google Play Store isn’t available then you should try updating your chromeOS with the latest version. You will get the option to have Play Store on your Chromebook in the latest update.

Install Apps on Chromebook Using the Play Store

How to Install android apps on Chromebook

If your Chromebook has the Google Play Store in it, you don’t have to rush on the internet to find the apps anymore. Start using the Play Store as you normally use on your mobile phone and download whatever apps or games you want on your Chromebook.

  • Find and Open the Google Play Store on your Chromebook.
  • Sign in with your Gmail account and sync the account credentials.
  • Search the app or game that you want to install in the Google Play Store.
  • Click on the results and press the Install button to start downloading.
  • You have to wait for a few seconds, after successful installation, restart your Chromebook.
  • Open the app that you’ve downloaded and start using it.

How to sideload apps to a Chromebook?

How to sideload apps to Chromebook

If the apps that you’re looking for aren’t available on the Play Store but you have the APK Files that you want to install manually, follow this guide to proceed for quick installation:

  • Turn on your Chromebook and press the Esc + Refresh + Power buttons together while turning on your Chromebook.
  • You will get a screen where you get options to erase or recover the data of the Chromebook.
  • Press the Ctrl + D buttons and hold them for a few seconds.
  • A prompt will appear and ask you to confirm if you’re trying to access the Developers Mode.
  • Use your keyboard to go to the Confirm button and press Enter.
  • Now your device will start rebooting and you will get back to the recovery mode screen.
  • Exit the panel and restart your device as you always do.
  • Open your Chromebook and find the APK that you want to install.
  • Download the APK Files from the internet using any third-party app stores.
  • Select the APK File and right-click on it to find the list of options.
  • Choose the Package Installer to open the APK File.
  • A prompt will ask you to grant permission to install the APK File.
  • Allow all the requested permissions and now you’re able to install any third-party app on Chromebook that you want.

Note: When you enable the Developers Mode on your Chromebook, make sure to have a backup of all your data and important files. Because it can erase all the data and wipe out everything if something happens wrong. Also, you will have to lose the warranty of your device if you’re trying to access the Developers Mode.

Install APK on Chromebook Using ADB

ADB, also known as Android Debug Bridge is a tool that you can use on your Chromebook to install APKs with ease. This tool will help you to have the APK on your Chromebook that you want without voiding the warranty. But, to make this tool work on your Chromebook you must have to enable the Linux first. Let’s get on the track and follow all the steps to get the apps installed on your ChromeOS:

  • Open your ChromeOS and go to the Settings
  • Click on the Advance Menu and select the Developers
  • Find the Linux Development Environment and Enable
  • Go back to your Settings and search for Develop Android Apps in the bar.
  • Look for the ADB Debugging option and click on the Enable
  • Confirm your actions by restarting your Chromebook.
  • Restart your Chromebook and open the Terminal when you’re back.
  • Click on the Penguin icon in Linux to start writing the commands.
  • Type “sudo apt install adb” in the Terminal and confirm the command by pressing Enter.
  • Again, type “adb connect arc” and confirm the command by pressing Enter.
  • In the prompt, Click on OK to allow installation of apps on this computer.
  • Now, Download the APK File that you want to install on your Chromebook.
  • Move the APK File to the Linux Files folder manually.
  • Open the Terminal on your Chromebook again.
  • Type “adb -s emulator-5554 install [apk file].apk” and confirm the command by pressing Enter.
  • The installation will start and you will get the app on your Chromebook within seconds.


In the end, we hope you guys have found the best ways to install APK on Chromebook. We have shared ways to install the apps manually or by using third-party app installers. It’s up to you, what fits into your knowledge and how you want to proceed with the installation.

So this was all about how to install APK on Chromebook, if you guys know any other alternate methods then let us know about it. If you like our post and the steps were easy for you to follow, then share your feedback in the comments section. We will be glad to hear from you and try to assist you with more tips in the future.

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