How to Install APK Files on iPhone? Best & Easy Methods

Want to install APK on iPhone but have no idea about how to do so? here we have some of the best tricks that you can try to download and install APKs on iOS devices with ease. You can take the help of some Android emulators to quickly perform the tasks, or take the manual road to install the APK manually without installing any additional third-party app on your iPhone.

We have curated a list of some of the best methods that you can find on the internet about how to install APK on an iPhone. Hope this article helps you to get the apps installed on your device that you want to. Let’s take a look at what APK Files are and how to install them on iOS devices.

What are APK Files?

How to Install APK on iPhone

APK commonly known for Android Package Kit, it’s a type of format that you can usually find on Android smartphones. Most of the games and apps that you install on Android devices come with APK format. It is specifically designed for Android users to easily identify the formats for their devices. The package contains all the resources and elements that you may need for installation or after the installation. It will automatically arrange and download the files for the App to work properly on your device.

Why can’t you install APK Files directly on your iPhone?

As we discussed, every operating system has its preferred file formats. Android has the APK Files, and iOS has the IPA File Format. They are different from one another and you can’t directly install APKs on the iOS platform, and vice versa.

iOS users have an App Store from where the users can easily find and download games, apps, or tools with a single click. It is as simple as installing apps from the Google Play Store. You will get the latest version of the app that you download from the App Store. But if you’re seeking a way out to install APK on iPhone then it’s a bit risky. iOS devices are more secure and keep focusing on their privacy. Thus, it won’t let users install third-party apps on the device because the apps may have viruses or contain malware that can damage your data. That’s the only reason described by the officials for not letting users install third-party apps on iPhones.

How to Install APK on iPhone?

Here are some easy ways that you can try to install APK on iPhone, these steps are personally tested by our team and a lot of other crew members. Find the method that seems easy to you and start installing the new apps:

Find Alternative App

How to Install APK on iOS

The first thing you can do without any effort is to find an alternative for the same application. If it’s a free streaming app, you will surely find a lot of options on the App Store that you can install with a single click. Most of the apps have competition and similar apps for sure. You will find an alternative with the same or similar features to let you enjoy the benefits you’ve been looking for. Make sure to search on the app store and use the filters to find more accurate results. Select the categories and genre of the app that you want and hit the search button to find relevant results.

Use Third-party Sources

Install APK on iPhone

Search the following app on the Apps Store, if it’s not available there then you should try these below steps. Here we are going to take the example of an app to let you understand the steps easily:

  • Search the Nova Launcher APK on Google.
  • Open the Official Website of the Nova Launcher APK.
  • Find the Download button and redirect to the Download Page.
  • Explore the page and find alternative app download options for iOS, Windows, and Android.
  • Click on the iOS option and it will start downloading the IPA file for your iPhone.
  • Now you can install the app on your iOS device manually.

Jailbreak Your iPhone

Jailbreaking your iOS device means you’re taking complete control of your device in your hands. Once you jailbreak your device it won’t be under any warranty, you can do whatever you want with your device with unlimited possibilities. It unlocks the full potential of your smartphone and lets you customize your device with whatever you want. One of the benefits of jailbreak is to install APKs on iOS devices.

Once you have a jailbreak-enabled iPhone you can use the third-party app installers to find and download whatever APKs you want for your iPhone. The process gets easy and simple afterward, but jailbreaking your device will cause many problems also.

A few things that you should keep in mind before jailbreaking your device:

  • It will avoid all the warranties and leave you with no policies or legal damage care protections.
  • It could cause software issues while jailbreaking and get permanently damaged.
  • You can’t get back to normal once you root/jailbreak your device.

Using Android Emulator

One of the best and easiest ways that you can find on the internet is to have an Android emulator on your device. The Android emulator lets you have any Android application on your device but you can browse it only through the emulator. You will not get an icon to open and launch the apps, instead, you have to go to the Android emulator and open the APK that you’ve installed from there.

To do so, let’s follow the steps:

  • Find an Android Emulator for your iPhone. We suggest you go with iAndroid.
  • Open the emulator sign in with your Gmail account and sync the data.
  • Find the app from the Play Store or the APK File that you want to install.
  • Click on the APK File and press the install button.
  • It may take a few seconds and after that, you will be able to use the app on your iOS.


In the end, we hope the guide works smoothly for you and you already have started installing APKs on your iPhone. If you guys know of any other alternate methods that could help the users to install APKs on iPhones quicker then let us and our viewers know about it. You can share the steps in the comments and we will feature your guide in our next content update. Till then, keep enjoying the simple steps and have fun while installing new apps on your iPhone.

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