From APK to App: How are Android Apps Developed?

If you’re new to app development or trying to figure out How are Android Apps Developed? We are going to help you to learn From APK to App in detail. This article is all about how you can create an app, what platforms are there for the developers, and what languages you should learn for app development.

How Android Apps are Developed

Creating an app isn’t easy if you’re doing it from scratch. It would help if you had to learn a lot about the programming language before you could create a working APK file. Once you have created the base APK you can release it for the users with the format APP on the Play Store. The APK is the raw version of the app which is yet to be installed or developed. But the APP is the complete version of the app that you can install or already have on your smartphone.

Difference between APK and APP?

Difference between APK and APP

Here we are going to explain what an APK file is and how it’s different from an APP. Let’s find out the difference between the two:


APK is a package that is yet to be installed, it may contain all the important files, resources, classes, tables, and additional data that you may need to install the app, or after the installation of the APK. You have to install the APK file manually on your device and all the additional files will automatically be adjusted after the installation.


APP is software that is already installed on your device. If you see the icons of mobile applications or games, these are the apps. Once the package is installed and ready to open, you can call it APP. You can use the app to enjoy the benefits, share the application directly with any of your known, and much more.

Programming Languages Used for Android Apps

There are many programming languages available on the internet that you can learn to develop websites, apps, or games. But which one is the best for Android app development is still a question, here we are going to share a detailed summary of all the languages you can learn if you’re a beginner.


Earlier, Java was the official language for app development. The developers used to write most of the codes in Java language only because it was universal and supported by Google. But it was too hard to understand for a beginner, users must have to spend months learning the basics of the Java language. Yet, it was too complicated to solve the troubleshoots and syntax errors.


Kotlin is now the official programming language for app development. Users can learn the language from scratch within a few months. It’s simple to develop codes and find the errors with ease. The compilers of Kotlin are available on the internet and can guide users to find the errors in the exact line and work accordingly.

Kotlin has many concepts and codes from the Java language. The codes of Kotlin are shorter, simple to understand, and don’t carry multiple classes. Now, most of the users love to use Kotlin as their primary language for app development. Also, the Play Store suggests that developers go with Kotlin instead of Java for better results.


There are many more languages that you can use to develop apps. Such as C++, HTML, Rust, etc. All these languages are easy to learn but they don’t carry all the resources that you may need to create an app. You must have to learn about the backend and database management along with the frontend designs. These languages can help you add multiple frameworks to your app and provide a great interface but it’s hard to manage the database with these simple languages.

Tools Used For Android App Development

Tools For Android Development

Once you know the language, you will need a tool where you can test your codes and compile them. Now, we are going to share the list of tools that you can use for Android app development.

Android Studio

It’s one of the best and official platforms for developers to create amazing apps. The tool supports all the popular programming languages and lets you compile your codes within seconds. It also shares the live visuals to let you make real-time edits with ease. With the intelligent code editor, you can find syntax errors within the line of the codes and replace them without putting in any extra effort. It’s a flexible tool that allows users to work freely without struggling much with the system.

Android SDK

It’s a software kit that you can install in the Android Studio. The kit is used to find the necessary codes and libraries that you may need while creating an app. You can use them both together to create an easy environment for yourself. The tool kit supports the latest Android OS updates and lets you work accordingly. You will find all the useful directories that you can install from Android SDK to your application with only a few clicks. It is said that this software allows programmers to use multiple languages all together to create a powerful application.

Final Thoughts

So, this was the journey from APK to App, and How are Android Apps Developed? We hope you have found the answers to all the doubts that you have in your mind. We have explained the official language and tools that you can use to create apps. If you still have any questions or want an alternative for any service then let us know about it. We will be glad to hear from you and try to assist you with positive thoughts.

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