Best Productivity Apps for Android Users – You Should Try

If you’re done with playing games and want to use the full potential of your Android then you should try using productive apps. Here in this article, we have gathered the list of 5 Best Productivity Apps for Android Users that everybody loves to use. You can install apps to manage your desk job with only a few gestures, get assistance in writing articles, stay tuned with the latest updates, or enhance your skills by learning new subjects. We have everything that a user may need to improve the productivity of their smartphone or themselves.

Productivity apps are designed to reduce the efforts of users and let them get quick results. There are plenty of apps available on the Play Store that you can find under the productivity category, but how do you narrow down the results and find the best apps for your smartphone? Here we are with the list of only 5 top productivity apps that you should have on your Android smartphone. So, let’s have a look at the top apps and learn about them in detail.

Best Productivity Apps for Android Users

Best Productivity Apps for Android Users

We found many great apps on the Play Store but these are the apps that everybody likes and have the most reviewed apps on the Play Store. So, Let’s check out the list and find if it fits your needs or not:


5 Best Productivity Apps for Android Users

If you forget things then TickTick could be your virtual assistant to remind you about all the important dates and schedules. You can create a to-do list in it and set reminders. It will alarm you about the specific time of the event and help you to get ready for it. Use TickTick for your daily jobs, or bookmark the dates of upcoming birthdays of your friends or loved ones. Mark the important dates all at once so you will never forget any special occasion. TickTick is a free app and it is available for both Android and iOS users. You can download the app from the Play Store and get started with it. As the app doesn’t require any registration, we suggest you sync the application with your email so the dates will be stored for further years. You don’t have to repeat the steps every year, it will automatically sync the data and let you prepare for it. The to-do list also has checkpoints where you can select the chores that you’ve completed and what to-dos are left behind.


Best Productivity Apps for Android

Underrated but the most useful app that you can find on the Play Store. It’s a platform where you can communicate with experts and professionals in every field. It can help you to build your business, learn about a variety of strategies, start engaging with the audience, and help you to do everything from scratch. The communities are made for interested members only and there will be no off-topic discussion in the chats. It’s the best place for people who genuinely are looking for some good opportunities to learn new skills and develop their current knowledge. Slack has both paid and free groups, it’s up to you what you’re looking for and how deeply you’re willing to do for it. It has options where you can integrate your most of the Google and other apps to find relevant updates. Synch your Google account to get regular notifications about what’s new in the market and what’s going to be there in the next update.


Best Productivity Apps

If you’re an internet surfer and tired of remembering all your passwords then 1Password is there to help you. It will save all the passwords and let you auto-fill the credentials whenever needed. It’s one of the best and most secure apps to keep all your passwords safe. 1Password is trustworthy and has a user base of more than a million. People love you to use 1Password because it’s easy and lets you fill in the details with only one click. If you’re confused about creating new passwords for any website, it will suggest some strong options that are hard to guess by anybody. You can have 1Password on your mobile as well as on your desktop at the same time, just log in with the same account and it will allow you to sync the data between multiple devices with ease. It doesn’t require any fee or charges for the services, it’s a free tool that is available for all operating systems. So, download 1Password and enjoy the services for free.

Google Drive

If your device is running out of storage because of some huge files that you don’t need now but don’t want to get rid of them. Google Drive is a cloud storage where you will get up to 15GB of free space that you can use to upload your important documents, videos, files, and photos. Use your Gmail account to create a profile of the drive and start uploading your files to the cloud storage. You can download the files anytime you want and it all will be safe with Google. You don’t have to worry about losing your data because it’s safe. Google Drive has paid plans too, if you’re planning to upload larger files for your business purposes then you should get the business plans in Google Drive. It will increase the storage limit and let you upload larger files with ease. You can download the files with only one click and it doesn’t ask you to pay any additional charges for the services. You can sync your device with Google Drive to automatically create backups of your smartphone regularly.


If you’re into graphic design or love to create images for your channels or businesses then Canva is the best place to get started. It has all the options to create banners, posters, infographics, thumbnails, logos, and photo collages for all events. It also provides hundreds of free templates that you can use to create your photos without using any effort. Canva has a smooth interface with easy-to-use options, you will find the largest image library with millions of free photos that you can use in your images without worrying about copyright violations. You can edit your photos with professional tools, it has options to add multiple layers within a photo. Create posts for your social profiles, business promotions, or for your work. It provides hundreds of free templates, text fonts, stickers, images, and effects that you can use to edit your photos like a professional.


In the end, we hope you find this article helpful and like to install these 5 Best Productivity Apps for Android. If you know any other productivity applications that should be on the list, drop the name below and our team will have a look into it. Till then, use these apps to enhance your device’s ability and become a workaholic with easy tool applications.

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