Best Hidden Android Apps – You Didn’t Know Existed!!!

Are you looking for some hidden apps to explore new features and unbelievable tools to enjoy the full potential of your smartphone? Here we have 10 Hidden Android Apps You Need To Try Today. These apps are the best in the segment and offer a variety of amazing benefits that you surely need in your routine. Hidden apps aren’t always in the top-apps chart of the Play Store, but you will be addicted to them once you start using them.

You will find the popular apps on the Play Store with ease but it’s hard to find worthy apps that have some great features to make you addicted. So, let’s have a look at the 10 Hidden Android Apps You Need To Try Today!

Best Hidden Apps for Android Users

Best Hidden Android Apps

You can download and install these apps on any Android smartphone within seconds. Most of the apps are available on the Play Store, but if the app isn’t available there, you can google it and find the APK file from third-party app stores. Check out the best-hidden apps for Android:


Best Hidden Apps for Android

TextGrabber is a tool application that helps the user to copy the texts from images. If you have a photo with some text in it, you can copy the text with the help of the TextGrabber App. It can copy the texts of all fonts and the accuracy rate is 100%.

Along with this, you can also translate any word from the pictures with this app. You don’t have to google everything, just click on the word and it will provide the meaning and translation for the select texts.


Best Hidden Apps for Android Users

Duolingo is an online platform that allows the user to explore different courses and start learning new languages for free. You can chat with experts in foreign languages and ask them to guide you personally. There are professionals available on this app who share the videos for free to let everybody watch and learn the basics of different languages. You only need to create an account on the app to get started, there is no need to pay any fee for the videos.


Best Hidden Apps for Android device

If you’re a reader then this app is going to be your favourite pastime. Goodreads holds the biggest library of books that you can read or rent online. You will find all the popular books here that you can save offline to read anywhere anytime even without the internet. You can rent the books if you don’t want to spend money on buying books. It has a collection of all underrated and popular books that you can find with all the editions and along with the further parts. Check the reviews of the books before you add the items to your cart.


Hidden Android Apps

Re-Vanced is another alternative to YouTube but with greater insights. In this app, there will be no spam video or banner ads. Re-advanced shares the same library as YouTube, where you can find all the latest and old videos of your favorite content creators. However, the app works differently by providing YouTube Premium features for free. The app isn’t available on Google Play Store but you can download it from third-party stores for free. You can use Re-advanced without using your account.


Keeping tabs on your health is a must if you’re going through some bad situations. If you want to track your fitness and want to set some milestones to get good muscles then MyFitnessPal can help you to do that. It offers various services including daily workout tips, a home exercise guide, and low-fat diet plans, and helps you to gain or lose weight with easy steps. The app comes up with personal trainers who take care of your routine and provide you with tips accordingly.


One of the best photo and video editing apps with all the professional tools. You can edit your images with amazing filters and color-grading options within the blink of an eye. You don’t have to spend hours editing your videos, just pick the templates or use the AI tools of Snapseed to edit your videos in seconds. You can save the settings and apply the same changes to your other photos with only one click. If you love posting photos on your social handles then you should try this app for sure.


APKPure is the biggest third-party app marketplace on the internet. It offers millions of apps and games that you can download for free. Even the apps that come up with a price tag on the Play Store are available for free on APKPure. Along with this, if you come from a region where some of the games aren’t available to use, you can download those apps or games from APKPure without any worry. It’s an online platform for Android users to explore the collection of free games and apps.

Spending Tracker

Tired of keeping tabs on your monthly spending and don’t know where all your money goes? Spending Tracker is there to help you. Link your bank account with the app and get a detailed summary of your daily, monthly, and annual spending. You can plan for a budget and cut unnecessary expenses with ease. Invest the money from your salary to get good returns. Also, you can check all your credit and debit statements for the month with a single click.


If you want a sleep tracker to check the pattern of your sleep cycle then SleepBot is the best app for you. It will automatically take all the data from your smartphone, and smartwatches, and provide you with a detailed summary of the hours you’ve slept. If there are some inappropriate moments, it will alarm you about it. You can plan for a good sleep by checking your fitness and blood circulation details. SleepBot is a necessary tool for youngsters who don’t have a fixed schedule for their sleep.

Popcorn Time

Want to watch movies but don’t want to spend money on subscriptions? Popcorn Time offers a collection of popular movies and web series that you can stream for free. It doesn’t require any subscription and it lets you explore the massive library of movies, web shows, and series of all time. Popcorn Time is only available for Android users and you can download the free streaming app from any third-party app store. It delivers all the latest and trending movies to the users without any charge.


With these hidden Android apps, you can increase the productivity of your smartphone and get to explore a variety of new features. All these apps are available for free on the internet and you can download the apps on any Android smartphone. All the apps are supported by every Android version and brand model so you don’t have to step back anywhere if you’re using an older or the latest Android version. If you know any other hidden gem of apps and want to share your experience then drop your messages in the below comments.

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