Top 10 APK File Managers for Android in the Google Play Store

We all love to check out our gallery images and files every single day, but when it’s about arranging the files we hate that process. So, here in this article, we are going to talk about the Top 10 APK File Managers for Android to help you find, delete, rename, arrange, and apply many more actions to your files. These file managers belong to third-party sources and you may or may not find these APKs on the Google Play Store. But, we are going to share the best file managers for Android to help you manage your documents, files, images, videos, and other formats with ease.

These Top 10 APK File Managers are suitable for all Android devices and they can be installed on any Android version. You can simply download and install any of these managers on your device and set it as your default file manager to enjoy the benefits. Let’s get started with the list and find the best file managers for you.

Best APK File Managers for Android

Best File Managers for Android

We have gathered the list of top-rated and most favorite file managers from the internet. These file managers are safe to use and have a friendly interface to make the users comfortable while using. Checkout out the best managers for Android now:

Root Explorer

Best APK File Managers for Android

It’s one of the best file managers that has abilities to unzip compressed files, and let you extract the documents anywhere with a single click. If you want to change the format of any file, you can easily do the job with the help of Root Explorer. It allows you to open and play any format, you can get the preview of docs, videos, images, and apps without opening it. Change the format of the files and get it done before a single blink. You don’t have to root your device to have this app on your phone, anyone can install and enjoy the services.

XFolder – File Manager

10 Best APK File Managers for Android

The interface of this file manager is very responsive, you will find the folders and storage options with ease. All the internal and external storage will be visible to you in one place. You can check the total storage of your device and find how many percent of storage have you used and the left behind. It can help you to sort the folders by their size, name, or type of documents in it. It’s a friendly file manager that seems the perfect replacement for your default file manager.

Total Commander

Best File Manager apps for Android

A free file manager that can help the users to identify the internal and external file storage. You can link your cloud storage also in the manager to get the apps from your cloud in no time. Install Total Commander to have features like bookmarks to help the users save all their favorite files in one place. The tool is available worldwide and has millions of downloads from the Play Store. If you want a simple yet responsive file manager for Android then Total Commander is the best option for you.

Amaze File Manager

Best File Manager apps

As the name defines itself, it’s an amazing file manager by its appearance as well as its features. It supports the compression and extraction of files, you can unzip files with a single click. You don’t have to install any additional apps for extractions anymore. Amaze File Manager is a lightweight app that you can install on any device without having any trouble with data storage or memory issues. Install the app on your device and set it as your default manager for better service.

Cx File Manager

Top File Manager apps for Android

If you want to keep the tabs on your filled and empty storage then this file manager can help you a lot. It will provide an overview of the empty and used storage of your smartphone. You can identify the storage percentage of videos, images, games, documents, and music files. You can use the built-in cleaner to delete all the duplicate files, remove the cache, and get rid of all the unnecessary files within seconds. You don’t have to take manual actions anymore, Cx File Manager will do the job automatically.

File Manager +

Another file manager with features like search options, arranged categories, and a modern interface. The file manager + can let you browse all the files of a format in one place. If you’re looking for the videos, you can find all the videos on your smartphone within a single folder. It also allows you to get the thumbnail and preview of the file before you open it to save you time. If you’re tired of finding your videos or docs in your file manager then you should try using File Manager + for quick assistance.

Mi File Manager

If you’re a MI user then you already have this file manager in your device. But if you’re another brand smartphone and want to get Mi File Manager at your service, you can install and use this manager without any issues. It’s available for all Android smartphones and it is one of the most beloved file managers among the users. Because of its simple interface and quick preview options, people love to have this file manager on their smartphones. It’s free for everyone and you can have this manager on any Android device, no matter what brand of smartphone you have.

X-plore File Manager

It has a classic interface with old-style icons. If you’re a fan of vintage design then you’re surely going to love X-plore File Manager. The app will help you to arrange the folders into a sequence that you like the most. It has options to arrange the folders alphabetically or keep the recently opened folders on the top. It will automatically adjust the list and provide the latest files on top to get your hands on the latest downloads with a single click. You can use the search options with filters to find a specific file in no time.

MiXplorer Silver

A stunning file manager that allows you to change the background image and set any custom image that you want. It has easy-to-use buttons to help you copy, delete, or share files with a single click. It supports all formats and lets you open any file that you want without any issues. If you’re working with multiple formats of documents then you should have this app to save your time by letting you open any format of file within MiXplorer Silver. It’s a free app and doesn’t have any advertisements on the surface to annoy the users.

Files By Google

Google also has a file manager that you can get for your smartphone. It’s already available on Google smartphones and has a lot of positive reviews from users. If you’re interested in managing your files in a way that you can get your hands on them whenever you want, then Files By Google should be your choice. With a single click, you can send or receive the files from any device. It offers a smooth experience to the users to let them explore the image and video gallery.

Final Words

In the end, we hope you have found what you’ve been looking for. These Top 10 APK File Managers for Android are the best 10 file managers that you can find on the internet. All the file managers are secured and don’t ask you to grant any unnecessary permissions. If you have any other file manager on your device that isn’t available in the list, you can share the names of the tools in the comments below.

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