10 Best Android Launchers for Your Smartphone in 2024

Are you looking for the best Android launcher apps to use? Do you want to customize your Android devices? If you are looking for Android customization apps, then you are at the right place. In this guide, I will provide you with brief details about Android launcher apps to use that I gather from several experiences and searches. Customization is an essential part of Android. When users use IOS devices, they learn that all features are locked. Users can rearrange the icons, but the settings and icon customization are under user control on Android.

Users can make any changes, customize the home screen, and change icon positions. If you are new to Android, you can easily change the overall look of the device with a third-party app known as an Android launcher. You can download these Android launcher apps from the Google Play Store and any reliable source. These launchers completely change the appearance of your phones according to your style, creativity, and taste. Now, there are multiple Android launcher apps in the market, but here I will present to you the top 10 best Android Launcher apps to use. Let’s check these Android launchers;

Best Launcher Apps for Android

Best Android Launcher Apps

Here is the list of the top 10 Android launchers for use, and their brief guide is also available;

  1. Niagara Launcher
  2. Lawnchair
  3. Hyperion Launcher
  4. Nova Launcher
  5. Microsoft Launcher
  6. Smart Launcher
  7. Apex Launcher
  8. Ratio Launcher
  9. Wide Launcher
  10. Lynx Launcher

Niagara Launcher

Best Android Launchers

Niagara Launcher is the best Android launcher app for placing apps and notifications of the device in the center and on the front and keeping other distractions or irrelevant things to a minimum. With Niagara Launcher customization, you unlock your device, and you will see all the apps that are on your fingertip. To search and open apps in alphabetical order, you can move your thumb along the right side swipe of the screen. The best feature of the Niagara Launcher is the app notification, shown on the right side of the icon below the app label. The notifications prevent distraction; users can quickly, with a single swipe, clear these notifications and go back to the previous activity.


Best Launcher Apps for Android

The Lawnchair launcher lets you enjoy a pixel UI experience on your Android device.  It will add magic and make customization outstanding with the phone screen’s entirely Pixel art look. Lawnchair is an open-source Android launcher that gives pixel launcher features with extra customization. With the Lawnchair, it is possible to customize the font, dock, icons, appearance, notification, app drawer, and many more according to user preference, interest, taste, and style. The interesting feature of this Android launcher is it offers a backup of your setup. You can restore it anytime. Lawnchair is perfect if you need a pixel-like launcher with extra customization options.

Hyperion Launcher

Best Launcher Apps for Android device

Hyperion is another unique Google pixel launcher with many customization features. At the start, you can change anything from the background theme or color of the dock, app drawer look, widget, folder size, and appearance, icons shape and size, and many more according to your taste and preference. The exciting feature is its themed icon setting, which is highly appealing. You can also add gestures, modify the Google search widget, and download the Hyperion Dock, which enables you to swipe left to access the Google app feed.  Themed icon, widget customization, and actions are not available for free; you have to pay 5 dollars to get access to all features.

Nova Launcher

Best Launcher Apps for smartphones

Nova Launcher is the oldest Android launcher among these top 10 launchers, but it is still popular and downloaded mostly due to its fantastic home screen customizability options. It is a fast, sleek, and highly customizable launcher with extensive appearance and visual customization that does not affect device performance. Customization with Nova Launcher ensures the device will not slow down with performance. It provides additional features customization, including icon adjustment, apps drawer, home screen effect, icon theme, notification setting, and much more.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is one of the perfect launchers for Android devices. If you are a Microsoft products user, then I am sure you will love Microsoft Launcher. Most users want their device’s home screen to look like a window, which is not possible. However, with Microsoft Launcher, users can get a clean and simple interface experience. Microsoft Glance, Bing search, expandable dock options, icon customization, changing home screen layout, adding gestures, and much more are important features of the Microsoft Launcher. The best thing about the app is that you can back up your previous settings and share your customized settings with other users. You can quickly transfer your customized setting to another new device.

Smart Launcher

The smart launcher used to be a great Android launcher with various grid and app folder options. It allows for unlimited customization and an exceptional range of features. You don’t need to use Smart Launcher to find the right place for your apps. Because this launcher solves your problem with the grid feature. This app provides a lot of valuable options and enables one to change the icons, dock, folders, apps drawer, and home screen. You will receive more tools for free, but to access the full range, you need to subscribe.

Apex Launcher

Apex is another amazing launcher with the best customization and performance. People might be disappointed with some of its designs when using this. And it is complicated. But when you check its customization features, I am sure you will love it. Apex Launcher comprises a few fantastic features such as icons, apps, drawer, and dock customizations. It hides your secret apps and puts a lock over individual apps at the time of requirement. You can enjoy the pro version’s power only by paying 9$ for the Apex Launcher.

Ratio Launcher

Ratio Launcher is a preferable Android launcher. It reduces the messy appearance and creates a cleaner-like experience. It wants you to guess the duration you spend on your screen beforehand. You should use apps to limit the real-time if you find it less than what you had in mind. The app’s main feature is to tell you how much time you spend in the app. You can check the time you need to set as a regular limit under a label.

Wide Launcher

Wide Launcher is an old Android launcher with multiple features and UI. This Android launcher presents UI elements in a complex way, which is challenging for everyone to adjust. However, when users give proper time and focus on customization with this launcher, the quiet, unique, and excellent results appear on the home screen.  There are three pages by default on this launcher: on the left swipe is notification history; on the right, google search options; and in the center, photos, calendar, time, and favorite apps are displayed.

Lynx Launcher

Lynx Launcher is quite simple but with a wide range of options. It is a unique Android launcher. Some people may not like the cartoonish look and too much minimization because it may appear too boring. It creates the perfect balance between usefulness, customization features, and a minimalist home screen. You have to pay $2$ to access the pro version and unlock its premium features like screen transitions, icon shapes, and themes.

Final Words

The top 10 Best Android Launcher apps to use in 2024 are described above. You can choose anyone wisely and get unlimited customization features. All features, highlights, and important points of these apps are shown first to clearly understand them, and then you can download them with a subscription fee. In the list, a few are premium, and some are freely available to download and use.

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