The Best Health and Wellness Apps that Help You Stay Healthy

For a perfect life, we are providing information about the best health and wellness apps for Android. In daily life, routine managing all activities in order is complicated and hard. It’s good to work hard and play hard. But if, at the same time, you do not pay attention to your wellness and health, it has very harmful effects on your life. In the busy routine, no one can deny the importance of health. It would help if you had healthy living to achieve your success and goals to get fit. Healthy living means keeping your health and well-being and maintaining physical fitness. It would help to focus on your mental peace, improving physical fitness, and maintaining good health and well-being. Health, fitness, and wellness bring amazing benefits.

Here, many questions will arise in your mind, like where to start, how to begin to improve fitness, how to maintain health with a busy schedule, and many more. If the same questions come to your mind, then don’t worry. In this brief guide, we will give you details about tracking your health and maintaining physical and mental fitness. Nowadays, many best health and wellness apps for Android are available to track the health and fitness of the users. These Android apps help you stay healthy, fit, and active. Let’s discuss more about the best health and wellness apps for Android;

Best Health and Wellness Apps for Android

Best Health and Wellness Apps for Android

Android’s best health and wellness apps are particular types of health software applications designed to improve user well-being, health, and fitness. Health and wellness apps monitor users’ features, including activities, nutrition, diet, physical and mental exercise, fitness, and wellness monitoring. The basic purpose of these health apps is to provide accurate guidance and instruction to users about their health, physical activities, exercise, and diet.

These apps give an alarm to take a break from work and remind the users to drink water or eat food. The Android health and fitness apps count user calories, count footsteps, record walk data, record exercise counts, check work times, record diet, and record all physical activity statistics. After these recordings, the apps connect the user with a specific health trainer who can guide the user in fitness and maintenance.

Here is the list of the best health and wellness apps for Android;

  • Google Fit
  • Strava
  • Nike Run Club
  • My Fitness Pal
  • Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Google Fit

Best Android Apps for Health and Wellness

Google Fit is an individual health-tracking app designed by Google for Android systems, Wear OS, and iOS. It uses a scanner in the user device like a mobile phone, watch, or any activity tracker to record the user’s physical activities, including walking, calories, heart beating, exercise, cycling, jumping, and many more. Google Fit provides a clear record of the user’s overall health for the whole day. It is the best health-tracking app. No one is better than it. Google Fit is one of the popular apps because it is a well-rounded solution for the entire Android ecosystem.

The Google Fit app tracks how many minutes you move all day with the “move minutes” tracking system. Its “heart point” tracking system records the user’s hardest workout of the day, like fast walking, running, and jumping. It tracks how much water you need to drink and how much sleep is required. Overall, Google Fit is the best app among other health-tracking apps.


Best fitness Apps for android

Strava is a unique footstep counting with social elements. It is a popular and unique fitness app due to its result-sharing feature. The app measures the user’s walking workout and how many steps users take in a day or hour. Record or result of the user shared with other strava users to encourage them and give you appreciation. Achieving high results or overall good health results that are shared with others brings challenges and competition with other Strava users.

On the health and fitness side, the strava app has a tracker and GPS to map walking, jumping, moving, running, cycling, and swim trackers. This app records all your activities with your feet to maintain good mental and physical health. The Strava app has an events tab that helps users find nearby fitness events in their cities. Users can set their weekly and monthly goals in the app to maintain health. It will give notifications or alerts about user health.

Nike Run Club

The Nike Run Club is a fitness app that works similarly to the Strava app. It is a special app that is designed only to count user footsteps in all activities, especially during walking and running. You can tap into your GPS to accurately map, walk, and run. The app Nike Run Club focuses on the user’s footsteps; you can download free guided run details that are helpful in your activities. It provides you with coaching about your walkout and other activities. The Nike Run Club is perfect for you if you are a player. When you aim to run and check your speed and how much you can run in an hour, go to the Nike Run Club. Nike Run Club mainly focuses on users walking and running and provides coaching. It is free to use, so install it on your device and enjoy.

My Fitness Pal

Nowadays, heavy weight and body fat are the biggest problems. Many people want to lose weight and need to know how many calories are important to burn in a day. If you want to lose weight, My Fitness Pal app is perfect. As your fitness coach, it records your all-day-long calories and how much to intake and burn. You can check the complete nutritional value of your food in this record. My fitness pal informs you about how many calories you burn in a specific exercise. The app offers easy-to-follow exercise plans, meals, and exercise to maintain good health.  If you have a fat body, you can use this app to burn calories and lose weight.

Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Health is not only about physique; the person is healthy only when both body and mind are healthy. A healthy mind is part of a healthy body, so don’t focus only on your physical fitness. You need to pay attention to your mental peace with physical fitness.  Headspace is your true friend in mental health and peace. The app Headspace helps you attain life-changing meditation and proper guidance to decrease stress and anxiety levels. When you are health conscious but get bored with the same exercise, this app suggests different exercises according to your mood. The app headspace works according to the user’s mood.

Final Words

Android’s best health and wellness apps help Android users maintain good health and mental peace. These apps work on user devices and record all activities, including footstep count, walkout record, count heartbeat, recorded intake, and burn calories. These Android applications record all user activities and suggest exercises or instructions for enjoying a healthy life.  So, use these apps on Android devices for free.

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