Best Android Apps for Privacy and Security – You Should Be Using

In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 best Android apps for privacy and security to make you feel safe. If you install these apps on your smartphone, you surely will feel relaxed to have them because they can keep you safe from upcoming threats and help you secure your identity. You can find these privacy and security apps on the Play Store and download them for free without spending a single dime on the benefits or services.

Best Privacy and Security Apps for Android

Best Android Apps for Privacy and Security

All these apps are available on the Play Store and you can find and download the apps with a single click. Most of these apps are free and anyone can enjoy the benefits for free. Let’s get started with the list of Best Android Apps for Privacy and Security:

Tor Browser

Best Privacy and Security Apps for android

If you want to browse websites that aren’t available in your regional areas then you should try using Tor Browser. It’s the most secure web browser that lets you hide your current IP address and provide a spoof address to browse any website with ease. You don’t have to create an account on the app, as it serves all the benefits anonymously. Tor Browser is used to open the restricted website that a normal browser can’t open.


Best Apps for Privacy and Security

Signal is the safest communication app that lets you send and receive messages without getting interrupted by any third party. Even the government can’t look into your conversations. Your chats will be encrypted and stay safe between you and your chatting partner. You can send messages, videos, images, live locations, and documents of other formats in the chats. You can consider Signal as the best alternative to WhatsApp.

Express VPN

Best Privacy and Security Apps

Looking for a VPN provider? Express VPN is at the top of the list for Android users. It has multiple free proxies that you can use for spoofing your real IP address. With the fast connections, you can use this app with low-connectivity of the internet too. It provides all the premium locations that you can choose with a single click. It’s easy to understand and save all the recent locations to let you go through the history and find your favorite sports in seconds.


If you’re tired of remembering all your passwords then we suggest you have LastPass on your mobile. This app can save all your passwords and other auto-fill details on the go. You can simply use the details to auto-fill any form in the future with a single click. For the passwords, this app can store all the saved passwords of your phone applications along with the websites you’ve visited. You can check the passwords from the app and it will be safe with you.


If you have some private photos or videos that you can’t keep in your gallery then try installing Vault app. This app allows you to hide all your important photos, videos, documents, and messages from your device and keep them safe and private in a locker. You have to enter a protected password or go through the facial scans to access the hidden data. This app is highly recommended for youngsters who love to keep their photos safe.


If you have any game or app that you don’t want to show to other people who have access to your phone then AppLock is going to hide it for you. With the easy interface of AppLock, you can hide any app or game within seconds. Getting access to the hidden app is also easy, you only have to open your speed dial and enter your password. It’s easy to access the hidden apps and enjoy the games without letting anybody know about it.


Tired of creating emails for every business? Here we have the ProtonMail that provides disposable email addresses for you. You can use the emails to send or receive emails within the app. After a couple of hours, the email will automatically be vanished from the system and you’ll get a fresh new account. The app works like a charm for guys who love marketing and selling goods online because it provides free access to the mail without any charge.

Find My Device

Best Privacy apps for android

Find My Device helps you to find the live location of your smartphone, even if it’s being stolen, switched off, or in any other condition. You can track the live location or the last location of your smartphone from this single app. It delivers the 100% accurate location of your smartphone and lets you take many actions, such as, you can plan rings to find out if the device is nearby, or you can erase all the data to keep your photos and videos safe from getting viral.


Want to keep your device safe from malware and viruses? Here’s the Bitdefender. One of the best anti-virus applications designed for Android users. This app can scan your device along with the websites you visit online to keep you safe from the unwanted installation of apps, and malware, and provide full protection against viruses. Enjoy the cleaner feature of this app to remove all the duplicate files, cache, and cookies that you don’t need to clean storage.

Adblock Browser

With Adblock Browser, you can visit any website on the internet without dealing with any banners or advertisements. This app can block all the adverts before they can annoy you. You can also watch YouTube videos without interacting with the ads, or play online games without seeing a single banner. This app provides a clean environment for users to enjoy the real internet without any advertisements.


In the end, we hope you have found the Best Android Apps for Privacy and Security. If you know any other similar app that offers privacy to the users because of its amazing services then drop the name in the below comments. We will be glad to check out new apps and feature the names in our next update. Till then, keep enjoying these apps and share your feedback with us.

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